Acomplia 20mg Rimonabant

Rimonabant is a generic name of the medicine specially intended for the treatment of obesity in patients older than 18. The effects of rimonabant in patients younger than that have not been established, so it may not be safe to take this medication. Rimonabant is well tolerated by most patients, but sometimes such side effects as vomiting, dizziness, nausea, sleep problems, depressions, and diarrhea are possible. Do not start taking rimonabant without previously talking to your health care provider if you have impaired kidney function, a history of epilepsy or liver problems, as these health conditions can make it impossible for you to take this drug safely. The best way to take rimonabant to benefit from the treatment is once every day before having your first meal. This way rimonabant works best and you will get the effects desired (reduced appetite) very soon. You can take your dose of rimonabant with some food or drink - whatever works best for you. Rimonabant has not been reported to affect your alertness and concentration, so it's safe to drive cars and operate machinery while taking it. Keep this medicine away from children or other people to whom it was not prescribed.

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